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Today's cleaning technology without water or harsh chemicals.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly process that began it's development in the 70's. The technology uses rice grain sized dry ice (CO2) pellets propelled with compressed air at speed up to 600 miles/hr. What's different about dry ice is, that when the ice pellet hits the surface to be cleaned it instantly sublimes (converts directly from a solid to a gas) and causes a mini explosion and pressure wave, combined with extreme cold (-79C -109F) dislodge contaminants without altering or abrading the substrate.

3 unique factors that contribute to it's effectiveness.

The technology is similar to bead, soda, or sandblasting, however there are 3 key differences that make dry ice blasting a clear choice.

  1. Non-abrasive pellets sublime into a gas on impact
  2. Extreme cold embrittles debris weakening it's bond strength
  3. Micro-explosion. Pellet volume expands 700X lifting debris from behind
1.   Non-abrasive. Instead of an abrasive media a softer pellet of dry ice (CO2 in its solid state) is accelerated in a stream of compressed air to near supersonic speeds. The energy from the pellet Impact with the surface causes a pressure tension wave that helps overcomes the bond tension of the debris and pop it off.

2.   Extreme cold of dry ice (-79C -109F) causes embrittlement and a thermal differential is created between the layer of debris and the substrate. The cold shrinks the debris causing micro cracking of the debris which assists in dislodging it without altering or abrading the underlining substrate.

3.   Micro-explosions. With the impact of each pellet hitting the surface energy is absorbed causing the dry ice to instantly sublime expanding 700 times its original size. This mini explosion forces outward and under the debris layer lifting it off the substrate. The end result is nothing is left behind by the dry ice and only the debris that falls to the floor needs to be cleaned up.


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