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Today's cleaning technology without water or harsh chemicals.

Dry Ice Blasting in a nutshell

Looking for less down time and quicker turn around to being productive?

CO2Sweep is a Windsor based dry ice blasting contractor, servicing southwestern Ontario with specializing in dry ice (CO2) blasting contract services.

Today's cleaning technology without water or harsh chemicals.
Dry Ice Blasting is fast becoming the preferred method of cleaning industrial equipment & building's. Cleaning by hand with solvents and rags, or scrapers and wire brushes is bound to leave you wondering if there is a better or faster way. Washing it down with water is just not an option due to the damage it can cause to electrical components or flash rusting that follows.


Services We Provide

Our mobile dry Ice blasting equipment comes to your location and cleans on the spot saving you dismantling and transportation costs.

Blasting with CO2 pellets uncovers a clean that hasn't been see in a while, and doesn't add any secondary mess.

Our experience in the food processing, restoration, and manufacturing industries is invaluable in delivering an effective cleaning of your equipment. - We specialize in the "never-been-done-before" with innovative approaches however that doesn't mean we can't handle the routine cleaning's too.

We offer after-hours and weekend services to get the job done when it's convenient for you.

Our dry Ice blasting is competitively priced, and because of it's speed its often cost competitive to the conventional methods.


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